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30 Mar 2014 Phase Three
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I find myself in a stage of life that I can’t quite define and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I never would have called myself a label person, but looking back, I can see where knowing exactly where one’s niche is can be a comforting thing. You know where you fit – maybe not perfectly, but you can look around at your peers and define yourself within that concrete group.

But what are you when your kids are grown, but not all are out?  When you’ve started working full-time again after years of raising those not quite all gone kids? When you’ve lost control of the menu plans, housework schedules (compounded because there aren’t all those kids around to do chores) and daily routines of life? When someone asks, “Tell me about yourself?” and you can no longer come up with anything definitive.

Girlhood is over. Young wife & motherhood is over. Now it’s time to look around and try to figure out, “What am I now?”

Welcome to Phase Three.

Phase Three will be different for every body, because where we are now depends on what the first two phases looked like. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to dive into existential, “where-has-my-life-gone-and-what-have-I-accomplished?” self-anguish and analysis. I’m a pretty happy person and I don’t have any regrets. But this is another journey, kind of unexpected, and (I think) worth exploring. So here and there, in between other posts and book related stuff, that’s what I think I’ll do.

03 Mar 2014 Blurb… Blurble… Blurbling…

Say the word “Blurb” a couple of times, aloud or even in your head, and it begins to sound extremely weird.

But, here’s the back cover blurb (teaser?) for Stronger Even Than Pride. I hope it piques your interest:

…in his behaviour to me there were stronger influences even than pride.”

When George Wickham speaks these words to an impressionable Miss Elizabeth Bennet, she can have no idea how true they will turn out to be. Stronger Even Than Pride, Gail McEwen’s latest novel, explores whether love can survive the biggest obstacles fate—and a most ruinous stubbornness—can conjure up to separate two people destined to be together. After Miss Bennet refuses to read the faithful narrative of Darcy’s dealings with Mr Wickham, this Pride and Prejudice variation quickly travels a darker path when she chooses to exonerate the wrong man.

Obstinately standing by that choice, Elizabeth’s life descends into a downward spiral and Fitzwilliam Darcy is forced to watch helplessly as the woman he loves slips further and further from reach. Can there be a happily ever after for them? Can a love, stronger even than pride, redeem even the worst mistakes?


03 Mar 2014 Cover Reveal!

Editing is proceeding apace and soon I will have the privilege of holding this beautiful book in my hot little hands:

Cover final front